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    Iowa Medical Marijuana Dispensary Law On May 12, 2017, Governor Terry Branstad signed into effect House File 524, a bill designed to expand legal access to Cannabidiol (CBD) for suffering Iowa patients. Before the bill's passage, Iowa followed its first Medical Cannabidiol Act from July 1, 2014, which decriminalized possession of cannabis oil used only for the treatment of chronic epilepsy. HF 525 repeals and replaces the existing law, adds qualifying conditions and adjusts the amount of legal THC in CBD products to 3%. The bill also establishes regulations for the manufacturing and dispensing of cannabis within Iowa, as well as introduces the possibility of a border-state reciprocity system for neighboring states that allow medicinal cannabis. Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is the second-most common cannabinoid appearing in cannabis that neutralizes the psychoactivity of THC and enhances its medicinal properties. CBD is known to provide effective relief for the negative effects of many conditions, including pain, anxiety, depression and inflammation. What Iowa Medical Marijuana Patients Need to Know: All Iowa medical patients and primary caregivers with a valid Medical Cannabidiol Registration Card may possess no more than 32 ounces of CBD oil. Patients may not consume medical CBD by smoking cannabis in flower form (though vaporizing is permitted), and edibles are not available for purchase at Iowa dispensaries. The Iowa Department of Public Health requires dispensaries to begin providing CBD products to patients by December 1, 2018. To become an Iowa medical cannabis patient or primary caregiver, an individual must first be examined by a physician and receive a written certification. The doctor will determine whether, in the course of a bona fide patient-doctor relationship and to the best of their professional knowledge, the patient has a debilitating medical condition and the benefits of medical cannabis outweigh the potential risks. The patient and caregiver must each submit an application to the Iowa Department of Public Health for review and approval. Each application must include a written certification, the individual’s information (name, address, date of birth, etc.), a valid photograph ID, and an application fee of $100 (or $25 if the patient receives governmental benefits). All forms are available on the Iowa Department of Public Health website. Once the application is approved, the Department of Transportation will issue the patient or caregiver a medical cannabidiol registration card with a distinguishing registration number. All medical cannabidiol registration cards expire one full year from issue date unless revoked. What Iowa Medical Marijuana Manufacturers Need to Know: By December 1, 2017, The Iowa Department of Public Health will issue a request for proposals, and select up to two (2) medical CBD manufacturers within Iowa state lines licenses to possess, cultivate, process, and otherwise handle medical CBD. Licensed manufacturers must agree to begin supplying medical CBD no later than December 1, 2018. All manufacturers’ licenses will renew December 1 of each year. All manufacturing licensees must meet certain requirements to be approved for a license and to operate legally. Each manufacturer must contract either with the state hygienic laboratory at the University of Iowa-Iowa City, or an independent medical cannabidiol testing lab to perform batch tests of all medical cannabidiol produced. Medical CBD manufacturers shall implement security requirements including an alarm system, facility access controls, personnel identification, and perimeter intrusion detection. Manufacturers are not permitted to share office space, refer patients to, or otherwise have any financial relationship with a physician. No consumption of medical CBD is allowed on site, and all employees are subject to a criminal background check. The Iowa Department of Health will set reasonable restrictions in regards to advertising and marketing of medical CBD. Medical CBD manufacturers may not produce edible products. Organizations interested in manufacturing medical CBD in Iowa must apply using the application form and process made available on the Iowa Department of Public Health’s website. There is also a nonrefundable manufacturer license fee of $7,500 due at time of application.The application form and requirements are not available at present. What Iowa Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Need to Know: By April 1, 2018, the Iowa Department of Health shall request proposals and award licenses to as many as five (5) medical CBD dispensaries. The licensing/relicensing of medical CBD dispensaries will occur by December 1 of each year. Licensed dispensaries must commit to begin supplying medical CBD by December 1, 2018. The Iowa Department of Public Health also will issue a request for no more than two out-of-state medical CBD dispensaries from bordering states, who will be authorized to dispense medical CBD to Iowa-issued medical cannabidiol registration cardholders. Iowa dispensaries will be established geographically based on patient need throughout the state. Dispensaries may not dispense medical CBD in a form or quantity than that sanctioned by the Iowa Department of Public Health-these forms and amounts are yet to be established. All dispensaries shall implement security requirements, including a fully functional alarm system, perimeter intrusion detection systems, facility access control, and a method for personnel identification. No consumption is permitted on the dispensary site, and all dispensary employees are subject to a criminal background check. Medical CBD dispensaries shall not be located within 1000 feet of a pre-existing school. Before selling any medical CBD, a dispensary must verify an individual's status as a patient or primary caregiver, assign the product a tracking number and properly package the medical CBD in tamper-proof packaging. Organizations interested in dispensing medical CBD in Iowa must apply using the application form and process available on the Iowa Department of Public Health’s website. There is a nonrefundable application fee of $5,000 for every application, due at time of submittal. At this time, the dispensary application form and requirements are not available.

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